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One of the hottest trends in computing over the last several years has been the use of netbooks. These small, lightweight, portable versions of the now familiar laptop have captured the imaginations - and wallets - of many people who appreciate the availability of a less expensive portable computer. However, there are many netbooks now available in the market, which is the best one out there?

Netbooks are small in size, usually with a 10-inch screen, but some displays can be slightly smaller or larger (7-12 inches) Their weight is about 2 to 3 pounds and cost less than $500 these days. Most netbooks come with Intel Atom processor N Series, at least 1GB of RAM, 250GB or 320GB hard drive, Integrated Intel GMA 3650 graphics, and about 6-10 hours of battery life.

It can be difficult to know which one to buy because most netbooks have very similar specifications. To make things easier, we will focus on the top selling netbook brands. Which one you purchase should be based on features you need and your budget. Find your best netbook with our netbook reviews and side by side netbook comparisons. You will get the best idea about the netbook you are looking for !

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Dual core processor is the latest and innovative technology and all netbook manufacturers are quickly moving towards it. The biggest advantage of dual core processer is that it enhances multitasking computing power of the system, which is the main requirement of today's challenging environment. If you have a number of multimedia and gaming applications to be used then consider a dual-core netbook, you will get much better performance.

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