Examining the Different Types of Netbooks

When you say the word “netbooks” to most people, they often give you a somewhat puzzled look before acknowledging the term. The fact is that most people have very little familiarity with these ultra-portable little laptop variants, and often mistake them for their larger, heavier cousins. Worse, even those who do understand the basics of what a netbook is and can or cannot do often know little about the various types of netbooks that are available on the market today. In fact, most people would be surprised to learn that there are different types of netbooks.

The smallest of the small (7 inch, 8.9 inch netbook)

These netbooks, among the first to be released in 2007, are the tiniest such units on the market. They include the seven inch models that debuted three years ago, as well as the somewhat larger nine inch units that have become even more popular than their tiny peers. Though these units were popular when they first arrived in stores their unusually small size and lack of computing power caused more than a few complaints from customers who had somehow expected them to be a little more useable. They are now rarely sold in most computer stores, and can generally only be found on the internet.

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Ten inch units (10.1 inch, 10.2 inch netbook)

A couple of inches may not seem like much, but when you’re talking about two or three more inches in netbook size, it can make all the difference in the world. Less than two years ago, the manufacturers came to the realization that small was a good thing, but that too much of a small thing could be overkill. In an effort to accommodate consumers’ desires for a larger keyboard and slightly larger display, the new standard became the ten inch netbook. These units combine the best of both worlds, as they are still significantly smaller and lighter than any laptop, but not so small that they are impossible to use.

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A step above (11.6 inch, 12.1 inch netbook)

About six months after the first ten inch netbooks appeared, the manufacturers decided to take things a step further. This time, they boosted the size of the netbooks to just over eleven and a half inches in size. The key improvements over the ten inch units came in the area of – once again – a larger keyboard and improved display and resolution. After that, the next generation of netbooks was in the twelve inch category, which for many people is simply too close to the smaller size laptops to make them much of a bargain.

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Touch screen (Tablet netbook)

The latest in netbook technology is touch screen and tablet technology. These netbooks are primarily targeted toward those who use multimedia – e-books, movies, social networking, et cetera – but still qualify as a netbook for our purposes due to their small size and ease of portability.

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Determining which of these netbooks is right for you is simply a matter of preference. For many users, the ten inch variety remains the optimum size for that true netbook experience. Still, some of the larger models do have improved performance and much easier to read displays, so there is a trade off either way.

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